CyLon aims to be the best possible partner for talented, ambitious entrepreneurs looking to launch, build or scale a cyber security business

We believe that the breakthrough security technologies of the future will come from creative innovators. We support those who want to take on the challenge.

CyLon Scale invests in and supports the most promising early-stage global security startups.

We invest up to £150,000 and offer you a platform to take your startup to the next level, from introductions to customers & top investors to advice from CISOs of globally leading companies.

We aren’t limited by geography, and want to hear from teams all over the world.

“CyLon’s support has been instrumental at every stage in our development.

Their introductions have helped us secure major customers and investors, and we truly value their continued guidance. They really do know the cyber security space like no other.”

James Hadley, CEO & Founder, Immersive Labs

Raised $40m Series B in 2019

CyLon Spark helps individuals take their first steps on their cyber innovation journey. 

These programmes help the cyber-curious to roadtest their ideas, meet potential co-founders and collaborators, and provide a platform from which to launch a business or identify a new career path in security.

We have run these programmes worldwide, helping to stimulate the cyber security ecosystems in Europe, Asia and the Middle East to date, supporting over 200 aspiring cyber entrepreneurs.

“The whole programme was amazing. I learned a lot, managed to meet some amazing people, and am definitely a lot more motivated to launch my startup than before”

“I took a three month class on entrepreneurship and didn’t learn as much as I learned on this programme.”

CyLon Spark participants

CyLon Go aims to increase the number of people from underrepresented backgrounds entering the cyber workforce.

We have always been conscious of the lack of diversity across our Founder community and our teams. We believe this is, sadly, reflective of the industry overall, so we have decided to renew our own efforts to make a difference.

CyLon Go therefore offers financial and other assistance to individuals from underrepresented communities to pursue relevant training in pursuit of a cyber security career.