CyLon was founded to support the security technologies of the future

We believe that security is the enabling layer for innovation. From autonomous driving to digital healthcare and smart energy systems, no future technology will reach its full potential without secure foundations.

Since launching in 2015, we have supported over a hundred exciting startups

We have always defined cyber security broadly, and so have supported companies building a wide range of high-impact technologies, from cyber skills training to identity management to threat intelligence. These are now collectively valued at more than $1bn.

Alongside this, our earlier-stage ‘Spark’ programmes have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and stimulated startup creation and the development of a wide range of cyber skills.

Our Companies

Cyber threats are global, but so are the talented entrepreneurs tackling them.

We therefore have a uniquely global focus, and have nurtured company builders from across the world, from Singapore & Seoul to San Francisco & Sydney.

We have run programmes on the ground in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and supported founders from more than 35 different countries.

What We Do

CyLon was founded by a trio of security experts: Grace Cassy, Jonathan Luff and Alex van Someren.

Collectively, Grace and Jonathan have more than 30 years of experience across national security policy, technology and investment. They began their careers in the UK Diplomatic Service, with Grace serving as an advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair and Jonathan as an advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

They also co-founded Epsilon Advisory Partners, a strategy and growth firm which works with world-leading global technology companies and investors.

Alex is the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor for National Security.

In 1996 Alex co-founded nCipher with venture capital backing to develop internet security products using advanced cryptography, and led the company to a £350m IPO on the London Stock Exchange. He was then Managing Partner of the Early Stage Funds at Amadeus Capital Partners until 2021.

Our Team